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My personal journey has taught me that we all come into this world with purpose. For some of us, that purpose might not be apparent or even be shadowed by disabilities. However that does not preclude the fact we all have a special place in the world. Every individual in the world is connected to one another in some way, like notes in a music score. Together we create the lovely song called life.

I used a person-centered approach to help individuals develop positive changes that will empower them towards self-actualization. I will bring my most genuine and empathic self to each session to build trust and rapport that lays the foundation for therapeutic happening.

My sessions prioritize the needs of the client. This way, the client’s strength and needs drive the development of interventions. I create an environment in which the clients feel safe and motivated to express themselves and participate in enjoyable and creative music-based clinical interventions.

I aim to empower my clients to live every day to the fullest. I aim to heal the world, one song at a time.

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Music therapy creates a safe and pleasant environment that enables individual to demonstrate their skills, competencies, and potentials. Music therapists can assess a person who has difficulty complying with other forms of standardized assessments. Examples include children who with short attention spans, individuals who are demonstrating significant distress, those in neurorehabilitation who fail to respond to other stimuli, and cognitively compromised older adults.

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Adaptive methods for music instruction may include teaching through color or number coding, scripts and visual aids as needed, and utilizing sensory breaks and other therapy-based activities.


As a music therapist, I am a firm believer that meeting the client where they are at and utilizing their strengths is the best starting point for learning. I will find a way for you to connect and make meaningful music.


Raised self esteem
Improve fine motor skills
Increase attention span
Develop speech and language
Develop emotional regulation

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