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Welcome! I am a board certified music therapist and composer based out of Tampa, Florida. Music has the power to purify the mind and soul, and it is my life’s work to heal the world, one song at a time.

As a music therapist, I utilize clinical, evidence-based music interventions to achieve non-musical goals. I build upon the strengths of each individual to increase their self-esteem and confidence, thereby helping them achieve the desired goals more effectively and efficiently. You can find out more about music therapy here.  


As a composer, I primarily create original music for relaxation. I have over 8 years of music composition experience. My music focus on the aesthetic properties of musical experience, which allows the audience to identify with and feel themselves reflected in the music. My music has been used in relaxation channels, podcasts, tutorials, visual novels, and other interactive media. You can sample my music here.


This is my official website, created for my audience to keep up with my newest music endeavors. I've been blessed with the courage to follow my heart, and I'm honored that you are joining me! 

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